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To better the California State University (CSU), two students serve as student trustees on the California State University Board of Trustees. Students serve for staggered two-year terms; the first year as a non-voting member and the second year as a voting member.

Jorge Reyes Salinas

Student Trustee (2016-2018)
California State University, Northridge

Emily Hinton

Student Trustee (2017-2019)
Sonoma State University

Each year, the Cal State Student Association (CSSA) is granted the opportunity to nominate at least two, but no more than five CSU students to the California State Governor. At which time, the Governor will select one student to serve a two-year term as a CSU Student Trustee.  To learn more about how to apply to be the next Student Trustee by clicking the link below.

Maggie White (2015-2017)

Kelsey M. Brewer (2014-2016)

Talar Alexanian (2013-2015)

Cipriano Vargas (2012-2014)

Ian Ruddell (2011-2013)

Steven Dixon (2010-2012)

Nicole Anderson (2009-2011)

Russel Statham (2008-2010)

Curtis Schlaufman (2007-2009)

Jennifer Reimer (2006-2008)

Andrew LaFlamme (2006-2007)

Corey Jackson (2004-2006)

Eric Guerra (2003-2005)

M. Alexander Lopez (2002-2004)

Erene S. Thomas (2001-2003)

Daniel Cartwright (2000-2002)

Neel I. Murarka (2000-2001)

Eric Mitchell (1997-1999)

Frank Y. Wada (1995-1997)

Christopher A. Lowe (1994-1995)

Arneze Washington (1991-1993)

Scot Vick (1989-1991)

John F. Sweeney (1987-1989)

William L. Crocker (1985-1987)

Daniel J. Bronfman (1983-1984)

Jennifer A. Oropeza (1982)

Jason E. Peltier (1980-1981)

Kevin Gallagher (1978-1980)

Kathleen A. Carlson (1976-1978)


The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees is the 25-member board that adopts regulations and policies governing the entire California State University system. Board committees have authority over educational policy, finance, campus planning, and facilities, among other areas that impact the 475,000 students of the CSU.