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October Plenary Cancelled

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency as dangerous wildfires have deeply impacted the greater Sonoma community over the last two days. We are saddened by the losses the campus community has suffered and are grateful for the efforts of the firefighters and others who are risking their lives for others. Given the tragic circumstances facing Sonoma State’s campus—including the personal challenges faced by students and staff who live in the community—and in consultation with AS President Wilson Hall and professional staff, the decision has been made to cancel the October 2017 CSSA plenary meeting.

First and foremost, our focus is on the needs of those affected by these fires and ensuring that our meeting does not create undue barriers to individuals dedicating their time to recovering—both emotionally and physically. Additionally, our priority was to not put any of you in harm’s way given the uncontained fires, poor air quality, road closures, and other factors.

Due to the fact that these circumstances are affecting more than just the Sonoma community (with Southern California also suffering from a dangerous fire that has destroyed homes and forced evacuations in the Anaheim area), we believe it is best to cancel this weekend’s activities and not hold an electronic meeting. After careful consideration, we feel that we can fully address the topics included in this month’s agenda by engaging you all over the course of the next few weeks and prepare the November meeting to be productive and effective.

October Plenary Agenda

October Plenary Packet 2


October Plenary Registration & Hotel Information

Registration for the CSSA plenary at Sonoma State University.

Book with the hotel by September 14th to receive the group rate.
Rate: $135
Best Western Inn, Rohnert Park California
(707) 584-7435