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CSSA Executive Officer Elections

Comprised of five executive officers, the CSSA executive committee provides leadership to the organization. Officers are elected for a one-year term from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. In addition to general leadership, each officer has unique roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Cal State Student Association Constitution.

Elections for executive officers will be held at the CSSA plenary on May 5-6, 2018 at San Francisco State University.

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CSU Students,

I am Mia Kagianas and I am running to be your next CSSA President. When I moved from Chicago to Sacramento State, I was challenged by being isolated in a new city. By building community with my fellow hornets, I was amazed by the tremendous values and strengths of my peers. I re-learned the value of community, compassion, and persistent optimism. I made the decision to dedicate my college career to help others see these values, and help build community on my campus, and throughout the CSU.

During my term as ASI President at Sac State and CSSA Board Member, I have worked tirelessly to execute my vision of a Caring Campus –an environment where everyone shares a level of concern and well-being for one another. Whether discussing urgent topics such as basic needs resources and undocumented student advocacy, or textbook affordability and new programs, I’ve prioritized building coalitions and ensuring compassion is tangible when decision making on campus and throughout the CSU system, occurs.

I am humbled by the opportunity to join CSSA’s leadership once more to share my experience and passion for the CSU. Last year, I served as CSSA VP of Finance where I managed funds which drove CSSA’s impacts and internal stability. If given the honor to serve as President, I will use my experiences to elevate CSSA’s work by strengthening coalitions, enhancing engagement and outreach to campuses, and truly being a fierce advocate for my fellow CSU students in government and throughout our institution.


Hello, my name is Jonathan Goldenberg, and I am running to be your next CSSA Chair. As the AS President at CSUN this academic year, I have been given the opportunity to learn about places where the CSU system has done well for its students and where it needs to improve. In the areas where improvement is required, firm advocacy is required from CSSA, and a cornerstone of that advocacy is the Chair. It is the Chair’s role to work alongside the Board, provide support to guarantee that CSSA takes stances on issues that are important for CSU students, and fight for a better future. Whether it is fighting for basic needs, opposing the tuition increase, supporting marginalized communities, or fighting federal level actions that hard our students, it is important for the Chair maintain a high level of activity and engagement with the Board.

As your next CSSA Chair, I look forward to creating an environment that fosters yearlong participation in the organization. I will reach out to each campus and collect goals (based on on-campus interests) that they would like to see brought up in CSSA. From there, we would create a roadmap of how to introduce and work through initiatives. This will increase buy-in from the campuses and will allows for more effective work. To improve the meeting process, I will also explore options of doing concurrent meetings for committees, allowing for a condensed board schedule.

Thank you for your consideration, and hopefully your vote!

As the Chair of CSSA, I will be a resourceful mentor to every student in the CSU system. By being an assertive yet approachable mediator, I will contribute to the continued growth of CSSA in its role as an advocate for the CSU system for the CSU system. I will provide direct assistance to students throughout their educational journey to ensure they are prepared for their career and life aspirations.

I am time- and task-oriented and I am confident in my ability to communicate effectively with a diverse body of individuals. I know that I can facilitate an environment in which the Board of Directors can distill and refine ideas which can be transformed into tangible results that better meet the needs of the CSU System. Understanding the need for direct communication and an open-door policy, I will be accessible to the committee chairs, staff, and Board of Directors to conduct business in a cooperative and effective manner.

Having held numerous leadership positions both on and off campus, I have developed the necessary skills to uphold the expectations of Chair. I am confident that I will excel in this position and will use this opportunity to give back to and serve the CSU system. I also see it as an opportunity to continue strengthening and expanding the voice of the CSU system which, in turn, paves the way towards better opportunities for future students.

There are many reasons I am running to be the next CSSA Chair. I believe this position has the unique opportunity to facilitate discussions that can lead to systemic change and further the empowerment of student voices. I am well versed in Parliamentary Procedure and I believe these skills are essential in a creating an environment that allows every voting member and member of the public an opportunity to speak. As chair, one of my goals would be simplifying and streamlining the Agenda Item Request process by creating an easily accessible application on calstatestudents.org. This would help all members request agenda items to be discussed and additionally it would help committee chairs create a more standardized structure within their own committees. Another area I would like to focus on would be student engagement and making CSSA more accessible to all students. As an executive officer of CSSA, I would focus on creating more platforms for students to be heard, Board of Directors and Staff that would ensure that CSU Students needs are being addressed.

There are many different things I would like to do within CSSA, but my ultimate objective would be to help facilitate the policy agenda set by the Board of Directors and ensure the work CSSA prioritizes is reflective of student’s needs.

Good morning, CSSA Board of Directors.

My name is David Zitser, and I am running for the Chair position within CSSA. I believe that I am a strong candidate for this position due to my experience crafting the agendas for the Los Angeles ASI Board of Directors meeting, chairing said BOD’s, and serving as a committee member in the Internal Affairs Committee. If elected, I would be able to utilize these experiences to fulfill the Chair’s main responsibility: to maximize the efficiency of the inner workings of CSSA.

Specific actions that I plan to implement with the support of the new CSSA executives, CSSA staff, and Internal Affairs Committee is:

To be more intentional with the spaces within CSSA plenary locations to allow for CSSA to hold more concurrent meetings

To look at committee membership across CSSA committees to streamline the efficiency within those committees

To look at inter-committee dynamics to ensure that the same work isn’t being done in different spaces and to focus and clear up the purposes behind each committee.

To implement documents such as a Director’s Agreement to ensure accountability for the CSSA Board of Directors and a bidding document to allow for more objective-based decisions when choosing a plenary location.

Because of my experience doing similar work to that of a CSSA Chair and some of the specific ideas that I plan on implementing if elected, I would like to encourage the Board to elect me as the CSSA Chair for the 2018-19 academic year.

Vice President of Finance

My name is Gabriel Risk Martins, and I am excited to run to be the next CSSA Vice President of Finance. As an elected member of the CSSA Finance Committee during the 17/18 academic year, I have worked to guarantee fiscal responsibility and accountability. I also worked to ensure that the extra revenue brought in by the Student Involvement and Representation Fee continues to be spent and allocated efficiently and fairly for the benefit of the students and each of the CSU campuses.

If elected as the Vice President of Finance, I will continue to ensure that the organization maintains its financial sustainability and accountability and make sure student voices and concerns are addressed promptly. My goal is to continuously make the CSSA spending greener and more sustainable through the creation of policies and procedures that would increase the efficiency of the organization while decreasing its carbon footprint. Additionally, I want to focus in each specific line of the budget in order to find inneficiencies that could result in more money for students. I hope to have your support and to continue to work for the benefit of all our students.

Carolyn Tinoco. Senior. Business Administration Major.

For the past academic year I have worked as the Director of Student Services for ASI CSU Dominguez Hills. In this role I chair the Rules, Policies, and Procedures Committee where I am updating the Bylaws to reflect the current needs of students, as well as research and review corporate policies. I am a member of the Finance Commission, where it is my fiduciary duty to carefully review the ASI annual budget and help make the most use of the student fee. I host several cross-cultural events on campus that help bring awareness to diversity, sustainability, and student health.

Prior to transferring to CSUHD, I was a student worker in the Chancellors Office for City College of San Francisco where I gained first hand insight to the college government system. I also earned an Associate’s degree in Behavioral Sciences as well as certificates in Microcomputer Accounting and Latino/a Studies.

I was a student panelist at the CSU Basic Needs Conference where I shared my personal story on food and housing insecurities as a student. I feel passionate about continuing this advocacy work and want to help all CSU students facing these issues.

If I were to become the next CSSA Vice President of Finance I promise to always advocate on your behalf, to show transparency in what is happening within our organization, and to always listen to your needs.

I would be honored to have your vote. Choose the CSU!

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Esteemed colleagues, it is with great honor and pleasure that I come forth to you as a candidate for the executive office of Vice President of Legislative Affairs. Throughout this past year, I have served as the AS Director of University Affairs at CSU, Chico and as Civic Engagement Officer for the Northern Region for CSSA. Additionally, I was named the 2018 Student Advocate of Year for my advocacy efforts pertaining to a fully funded CSU and for DACA. However, we are not done, and I am not done advocating for our campuses. The CSU is still facing funding shortcomings from the Capitol. My connections and close proximity to Sacramento will allow me to be an active presence in legislative offices and to organize advocacy events. Moreover, DACA still does not have a solution, and many of our students remain vulnerable to the events in DC. As I have demonstrated, I am willing to travel near and far to ensure that student voices are heard. In late February, I was granted the opportunity to travel to DC to advocate for higher education and for a solution for DACA. I also played a key role in organizing the Cal States Contact Congress event, which encouraged different campuses to organize an event during which students could write, text, and/or call their federal representatives to express their desire for a solution for DACA, dreamer, and undocumented students. I hope that you will consider me when electing the 2018-2019 Vice President of Legislative Affairs.

As a student advocate on the local level within my community and on the federal level on behalf of FGRC, I understand the important role that constituent advocacy and civic engagement play in our day to day affairs. As a first generation, low-income, latino, and queer identifying undergraduate, the necessity of encompassing our CSU system’s diverse population resonates with me daily. Understanding that each CSU has its own identity, each with a myriad of intersectional students, is integral to ensuring that CSSA provides effective and impactful change. I know that we can address the challenges facing students by empowering campus leader through our Civic Engagement officers to ensure that everyone is included in the dialogue. This includes actively engaging in voter registration throughout the 23 universities and encouraging advocacy year around on both the state and federal level. In addition, we must make it our priority to take into account the impact that our decisions and advocacy efforts have on each and every student within the CSU system. Compromise, not sacrifice, will ensure that CSSA stays committed to its goal of keeping students at the forefront of change in higher education. I am committed to addressing and supporting legislation that provides solutions to food and housing insecurity as well as the need for mental health resources. My goal is to ensure that each student within the CSU system is confident that their education will be affordable, their voices will be heard, and their needs will be met.

I want to serve as the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for CSSA because I understand that we, the diverse CSU student population, represent our society’s next generation of leadership. I provide a perspective that is rooted in genuine experiences yet ambitious enough to uphold CSSA’s capacity as an engine to advocate for and protect individuals on all campuses. I live in two worlds. On one hand, I am a first-generation college student of Black and Filipino descent that has dealt with the challenges of imposter syndrome with the spaces I occupy, hindrances from Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD, and the subtleties of microaggressions despite my work and accomplishments. On the other, I am privileged to serve as the President of SDSU’s College of Arts and Letters Student Council, as a volunteer for the YMCA for eight basketball seasons, and as a member of all five campus honors societies including Phi Beta Kappa all while working part-time. Psychiatrist Judith Herman once said that as a bystander to the dialectic relationship between victim and perpetrator, “it is morally impossible to remain neutral in this conflict.” To me, it represents the great responsibility of my place in our society: to choose to contribute to either the oppression of or solutions for oppressed people. My penchant for problem-solving with an appreciation for cultural sensitivity and technical complexity produces informed, responsible, thoughtful solutions and I pledge to maintain the utmost humility and passion while advocating for students across California if and when elected.

Vice President of University Affairs

What excites me most about the Vice President of University Affairs position is the opportunity to advocate for students system-wide, and be the catalyst to create change at the table where decisions are being made. As students continue to face issues that create barriers to access of education such as tuition increases, we must not forget that aside from tuition, there are thousands of dollars in campus based fees, housing and dining increase, and other fee increases that drain student’s pockets every day.

I believe that we must be just as active in Long Beach as we are in Sacramento, with the Vice President of University Affairs fighting for issues that support our campuses. Students should not have to continue to virtually write blank checks when the basic needs of food, housing, and mental health are not being met.

Having served this year as AS President at Sonoma State, coupled with a year of experience as a Board of Director for the CSSA, I possess the knowledge, experience, and understanding that it takes to work with the many student leaders that come to CSSA with bright ideas for the CSU.

It is a goal of mine to lobby the Chancellor and utilize the Board of Trustees to create as many opportunities for dialogue and change as possible. And, by doing the work on the back end to support our campuses, I see the VPUA being able to help CSSA, help our system, an most of all benefit our students.

Since my involvement in Associated Students as a Senator for my college I was particularly active in University Affairs issues; I served as the Chair External Affairs committee and Vice Chair of University Affairs. During that time, I got the chance to attend CSUnity and CHESS, where I got first hand experience of CSSA, I knew then I wanted to join the organization. A year later I got elected as Vice President of CSUN AS and have severed as the alternate board voter for my campus. I also serve in Student Trustee Committee and Social Justice & Equity Committee. The position of Vice President of University Affairs requires a student leader that is active and outspoken, qualities I continuously show on my campus and during CSSA meetings. In particular, this year I have put focus Veteran Affairs where I successfully passed a resolution and if elected into this role I want to revise the structure of the several committees that serve under University Affairs; also find better ways in which these committees intersect. After being active for over three years on my campus, I I want to give back to more students and that step forward will be through an organization that advocates for the entire CSU.

My goal is to support the goals of CSSA and advance the policy agenda set forth by the CSSA.