CALL TO ACTION: Help Homeless Students Get Permanently Housed by Asking Lawmakers to Support Funding for CSU Rapid Rehousing Pilot Program

There is a homelessness crisis for college students in the CSU. 10.9% of our students face homelessness, with 18% of our 1st generation students, and African American students facing homelessness.

Currently, there is a budget request of $14 million for a program outlined in AB 2784 by Assemblywoman Caballero, to pilot a rapid rehousing program on three CSU campuses, that would help our neediest students become permanently housed, so they can focus on their coursework.


These next two weeks the legislative conference committee will be making final choices on their budget recommendations to Governor Brown, and this budget request is one of the many items they will be deciding on. We need our legislators to know this is a priority!

Help us by sharing a tweet that will raise the visibility of this issue, and hopefully, get our students the funding they need to become permanently housed and succeed!

2018-05-29T18:05:51+00:00 May 29th, 2018|State Advocacy, Systemwide Advocacy|